TOYOTA’s exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS) sasVideo.png

Unique to Toyota forklift trucks, System of Active Stability (SAS) is a patented dynamic system, which constantly monitors forklift operations and automatically takes corrective action when it senses factors that could lead to truck or load instability. Its six advanced functions work together to ensure the safety ofthe forklift and its driver, hence keeping the productivity.

The SAS sensors detect motion during operation and the computer analyses the potential for a tip over. If the computer determines that the potential for a tip over exists, it sends a signal to the appropriate actuators which then operate to minimise the potential for a tip over. All of these innovations are based on the fact that the stability of a forklift changes constantly due to shifts in the balance of the load coupled with the speed and turning rate of the forklift.

These innovative features, however, in no way override the value of sensible employees, professional training and strict adherence to safety regulations and to the forklift manufacturer's instructions. But, they certainly provide you with more ways to create a safer work environment.

Since its introduction in 1998, over 500,000 SAS equipped forklifts have been sold around the world.



The six Toyota SAS functions:
1.     Active Control Rear Stabilizer
Active Control Rear Stabilizer.jpg


2.     Active Steering Synchronizer
Active Steering Synchronizer.jpg


3.     Active Mast Function Controller
   3.1     Active Mast Front Tilt Angle Control
Active Mast Front Tilt Angle Control.jpg


3.2     Active Mast Tilt Speed Control
Active Mast Tilt Speed Control.jpg


4.     Automatic Fork Levelling Control
Automatic Fork Levelling Control.jpg