Towing Tractors (Airports)

The Toyota range of towing tractors provides enhanced safety and efficiency in horizontal transport and order picking operations. Allowing operators to tow palletised or non-palletised loads, our towing tractors are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, including production lines, cross-dock logistics, airports, railway stations and ports. 

The Toyota range of tow tractors suit a variety of needs regarding travel distances, towing load intensity, and frequency of use.

TG/TD Series Towing Tractor (Engine Powered)

TG/TD Series (Engine Powered)

The Toyota TG/TD Series engine powered tow tractors are capable of meeting the most demanding requirements, offering high travel speeds, heavy towing capacities and superior operator comfort. 

Suitable for travel over great distances, these rider-seated trucks are available with automatic or manual transmissions and are ideal for use in factories and airports. Both our diesel-powered TD models and the petrol powered TG models are easy to operate, with car-like pedals and controls.

  • For airport usage
  • Available in Gasoline (Petrol)/Diesel options
  • Maximum drawbar pull: 2000 kg / 2500 kg / 3500 kg / 4500 kg

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2TE Series Towing Tractor (Electric Powered)

2TE Series (Electric Powered)

Toyota introduces 2TE-series battery towing tractors with Toyota's new AC technology.

The towing tractors with high towing capacity and maneuverability are a powerful partner of airport logistics and baggage handling throughout the world.

  • For airport usage
  • 80 volts battery
  • Maximum drawbar pull: 1500 kg / 1800 kg

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